These benefits are like a gift I give myself every day. One fear I had before ditching the drink was that I wouldn’t be able to fall asleep without a nightcap. Learning more about alcohol and sleep helped me realize drinking was actually making my sleep worse. While alcohol can make us fall asleep faster, it decreases our quality of REM sleep, and causes us to wake up more frequently throughout the night. Now, I stick to an alcohol-free nighttime routine and wake up fully rested.

Alcohol has many negative effects on your physical and mental health. The benefits of quitting drinking are often apparent soon after you stop, and will only continue to improve the longer you abstain from drinking. I tell my clients to think of cravings and slips as important data—what can you learn from them? What factors (people/places/feelings/activities) were related to your drinking or wanting to drink? How can you deal with those things differently in the future? If you find that you’re struggling with cravings and slips, there are medications that can help.

Health Benefits of Avoiding Alcohol

I was stopping daily to grab a bottle or two of wine. Not only did cutting out alcohol help me save money, but it made me more financially stable in other areas. Over her nine-month stay at The Cassel Hospital, Laura was gradually weaned off all medication and has since returned to her healthy lifestyle.

Emily, as you said, there are a number of surveys and studies out there that sort of indicate the same trends. There’s one from the University of Michigan here in the United States that found that the share of college age adults abstaining from alcohol has grown to 28% over the past couple of decades. And she says the relationships she’s built in those communities are much stronger. According to Gallup, the percentage of Americans who consume alcohol has remained steady over the past two decades. By Buddy TBuddy T is a writer and founding member of the Online Al-Anon Outreach Committee with decades of experience writing about alcoholism.

Improved Immunity

When you do get sick, you’ll probably feel like you recover more easily when you’re sober. Alcohol can also trigger the release of chemicals called endorphins and raise levels of the “feel good” hormone dopamine. This can make you feel energetic and even extremely happy (euphoric) shortly after you drink alcohol, but the effects don’t last. Cognitive, emotional, and sleep disturbances can occur at even moderate levels of drinking.

And I imagine that’s definitely impacting on young people’s drinking or nondrinking practices. I’ve certainly found in my own research that amongst the young people I’ve spoken to, there is definitely discussion of physical health, but actually mental health has come through more significantly. Maybe there’s variation here across different countries and settings. And I was like, “Oh my God, what have I done?” Like I understand why young, I understand why young people don’t quit drinking. She could always live without alcohol if she wanted to, and she wasn’t drinking every day. Because before she stopped drinking, soon she’d feel that classic introvert exhaustion from having to put out so much energy in social situations.

Health effects of binge drinking

Whilst also recognizing the kind of positive shifts in the kind of people’s relationships with alcohol. So yeah, I think a word of caution and a word of celebration together there, perhaps. Overall, it sounds like you’re coming away from, or your research is showing things that are overall positive, right? Will remain important, but in terms of health reasons, seems pretty good. So I think there are definitely things going on here that mean that it’s perhaps easier for certain groups or demographics than others to access these markets and these kind of spaces and communities. If you live in London, and Elva talked about this as well, dry bars that are popping up, it might be much easier to access these kinds of products.

It comes as Giorgia Meloni’s government leads a drive to preserve the purity of Italian food and drink, a key weapon in the battleground of nationalism. And critics say that, as a British newspaper put it this week, “Italy is lagging behind.” Except it’s not. Francesco Lollobrigida, the agriculture minister, is right. Wine is not wine if it’s not got booze in it and nor is beer (St Peter’s Without) nor cider (Thatchers Zero) nor gin (Tanqueray 0.0). Content on this website is provided for information purposes only. The information and materials contained on this website are not intended to constitute a comprehensive guide concerning all aspects of the therapy, product or treatment described on the website.

During her first two weeks there, Laura started having hallucinations and withdrawals from alcohol, before being sent to hospital for a medical detox in a psychiatric unit. It was made clear to her that if she didn’t stop drinking she would never get the help she desperately needed. She would wake feeling physically ill, taking hours to get to work as she disembarked trains to throw up. Or she would have a plastic bag by her side full of vomit.

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